Saturday, October 3, 2015

ProXPN - Quality VPN at a very affordable price, now up to 62% OFF with coupon

If you are concerned about your online privacy you probably know by now that using a VPN is an excellent choice to protect yourself. I've stumbled upon a great relatively new company called ProXPN who offers high quality VPN services at a very affordable prize. You really don't have to spend $10 or more a month as some of the other providers are charging - with ProXPN the monthly cost is only $3.75 after you use a coupon. I used and found to be working promo code MEGA12.  Now all my online browsing is funneled through their system and it's completely safe from prying eyes (and ears) . You can sign up @ their website by clicking on this link .
Another good thing is you can download the Android or IOS apps and use the VPN on your mobile phone. This is an option only for the Premium plan , the free plan has some useful features but the goodies are all in the Premium. With the free plan  you will get the most necessary stuff like encryption and anonymity which are great but for experiencing  total protection on your desktop and mobile devices you will need to upgrade to premium . Here you will get for as low as a few bucks a month :
- Access to worldwide VPN servers 
- VPN guard 
- PPTP connectivity 
- Max speeds 
- Torrenting
and many many more cool features. 
Using the VPN from ProXPN is really simple - download the software, login and click the connect button ;) It doesn't get much easier than that, right? 
Proxpn has software for both PC and Mac machines and both Iphone and Android devices - available with the paid service. Another great thing I didn't mentioned above is that with the Premium plan you can use not only the OpenVPN connectivity but also PPTP, which is absolutely rock solid 
So give them a try, the free plan is as you probably guessed absolutely free and the Premium comes with full 30 days money back guarantee. Than if you like it - use the coupon I used and save big. Get your online privacy back now , it's easy and costs only a few dollars a month.
Here a quick break down how much You will save if you use promo code MEGA12 :
- on the yearly plans - 62% savings which brings the end price to a mere $3.75 a month
- on the 6 month plan - the discount is 50% and you pay $5 
- on the 3 months plan - 40% OFF and it comes down to $5.99 / month
So obviously the best deal is the 12 months service contract - 62% OFF is pretty much unheard of and when you add that to the 30 days money back trial period it's clear what the plan here  should be - get the yearly plan, test test test every aspect of the VPN and if you are not 100% satisfied with what you are getting - well, just  cancel and get your money back. But from the 100's of happy customer's reviews you can find all over the internet , that probably won't happen. Either way it's nice to have that extra peace of mind when you are spending your money and it comes in very handy. 
To read more about proXPN, their services and what promo codes and deals they have at the moment - check this website for more info. 
Stay safe on the web! Always use a VPN!